An effort to combat the malnutrition of young children.

Providing for each young child

It was found that Yadgir had one of the highest incidence of poverty and malnutrition. Baseline studies indicated that several younger children in the village suffered from malnourishment.

We consistently monitor the growth of young children aged between 6 months to 5 years, to help identify Severely Malnourished Children (SAM) at grass root level. These children are then provided with support via case referrals to health services. We assign a medical social worker to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) to provide counselling services, specifically on care and nutrition requirements for their children.

We help in the capacity building of frontline workers to ensure that children receive the appropriate care.We also present regular, locally relevant training modules that educate the community in child care, nutrition and feeding practices within the local culture Anganwadi centres.

These modules cover the importance of breast feeding, deworming, care for sick children, good hygiene and sanitation practices, nutrition for adolescent girls and mothers, information on home-grown food and recipes that retain maximum nutritional value.


Our progress.

Since our Nutrition programme, we have impacted



Stories from the villages.

The impact and transformation that we have created breathe through the community of Yadgir. We continue to learn from them and use their experiences to create a more personalised approach.

Unit of Transformation
Pre-School Education

Rajeshwari, worker at Anganwadi in Vadnalli village is noted as an active facilitator of pre-school education (PSE).


Stepping Ahead
Pre-School Education

This is a case of escalation from positive to comparative form of degree, of Nagarekha, Anganwadi worker at Nagalapur.