Disaster Relief and Rehabiliation

Quick response and long-term rehabiliation in affected areas

Engaging with disaster-affected communities to recover and rebuild

Through our new area of intervention, we focus on assisting individuals affected by natural disaster to improve their quality of life by rebuilding their economy. This includes a restoration of natural resources-based livelihood, identification of new avenues of non-farm income such as tourism, reinstatement of education infrastructure and enhancement of income through value-addition activities.

Our current area of focus are the villages affected by landslides and floods in the Kodagu & Belgaum districts in Karnataka. During mid-August 2018, extensive damage was caused by flash floods in the districts. Extreme rainfall damaged homes, crops and basic infrastructure facilities.

Each intervention is tailor-made to the needs of the context the disaster has occured in. From building livelihoods to providing relief materials such as clean drinking water, Kalike, teamed with Tata Trusts, Tata Group companies and other organisations, undertakes the appropriate action based on detailed need assessment studies.

We are adopting a multi-pronged strategy for economic empowerment of rural communities, upgrading the value chain development to improve participation and revenue of small producers. By encouraging families to produce two or more different products together, rather than one at a time, we will ensure cost-efficiency as well as a stable source of income.

Overall, the approach aims for a significant improvement in the quality of life of the people inhabiting disaster-struck areas.


Our progress.

Since we started our work,

10,500 people

have benefited from our post-disaster relief efforts