Why Yadgir

Yadgir is a drought-prone region making their groundwater not potable. Families travel kilometres for drinking water. The lack of water and heavy use of chemical pesticides have made the soil infertile.

Only 21% of the households have toilets, resulting in widespread open defecation, lack of sanitation and spread of water-borne diseases. There is also an acute shortage of health facilities in Yadgir, leading to malnutrition and an exceptionally high infant mortality rate. Additionally, there is a dearth of job opportunities in the district. Almost 60% of the population migrate to neighbouring districts or cities like Bangalore, Bombay and Hyderabad for employment. This directly affects the literacy rates of the region. Children enrolled in schools are forced to drop out as families move, raising the dropout rate to 11.25% - higher than the state average of 4.6%.


From here, we began.

In 2009, Tata TrustsTo know more about Tata Trusts, visit our website. started the operations of Kalike Samruddhi Upakram (KSU) in Karnataka. Kalike was formed in 2012 as an associate organization of the Trusts to implement KSU in Yadgir. The focus has always been on piloting and scaling up innovative solutions to the problems, through integrated programmes. The program has also expanded thematically to include livelihood enhancement, health and nutrition, and skill development making interventions holistic and integrated. We worked in partnership with existing Government schemes and select non-profits and sponsors.

With direct field engagement, we strive to facilitate deep, large-scale and long-term impact on the quality of life in Yadgir. Through programmes covering five broad areas of work – Early Childhood Development, Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Livelihood and Skill Development – Kalike aims to bring about revolutionary change in Yadgir.

With the victories we have had in Yadgir, we have now saturated the entire block of Yadgir.


Our goal for 2020 is to reach out to

  • 1,25,000 children
  • 2,000 youth
  • 8,000 farmers
  • 41,000 households

Mission 2020

We have initiated Mission 2020 as a five-year project to create a transformation in Human Development in Yadgir block. Our model is being planned based on convergent multi-sectorial plans, innovation and high-quality evidence-based action. We encourage sustainability by fostering community participation. Our programmes run on leveraging of the Trusts investments.

Now we want to change the world.


Mapping our Impact