Kalike Trust, an associate organisation of Tata Trusts, has been working in North Karnataka since 2009. The pulse of our vision is to ensure holistic development and sustainable transformation that span wide ranging areas of rural development and enterprise. Our interventions employ an integrated approach encompassing education, health and livelihoods, with the intention of positively impacting overall human development.

To realise long term change, we empower stakeholders to action, strengthen institutional framework, grow community action, organise alternatives, train capacities at the individual and community level, consult experts, forge synergic partnerships, facilitate field and exposure visits, liaison between the individual and state, among a number of other roles demanded by emerging challenges.

Kalike’s interventions - developed empirically - are deeply founded in achieving ‘proof of concept’ first (through demonstration plots and pilots), by virtue of which we earn the buy in of the community and only then scale up efforts and thereby grow from strength to strength. Kalike’s varied interventions carry forth, our core developmental work remains undeterred, critically impacting each and every stage in the life of an individual and journey of the community.


From here, we began.

In 2009, Tata TrustsTo know more about Tata Trusts, visit our website. started the operations of Kalike Samruddhi Upakram (KSU) in Karnataka. Kalike was formed in 2012 as an associate organization of the Trusts to implement KSU in Yadgir. The focus has always been on piloting and scaling up innovative solutions to the problems, through integrated programmes. The program has also expanded thematically to include livelihood enhancement, health and nutrition, and skill development making interventions holistic and integrated. We worked in partnership with existing Government schemes and select non-profits and sponsors.

With direct field engagement, we strive to facilitate deep, large - scale and long - term impact on the quality of life in Yadgir. Through programmes covering five broad areas of work - Early Childhood Development, Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Livelihood and Skill Development - Our story started in Yadgir, one of the most underdeveloped districts in Karnataka across all development indicators. But it does not end there. We aspire to bring dignity and prosperity to many more families across the nation. The first step to transformation starts now.

In 2015, we launched ‘Mission 2020’ that, coupled with ‘Kanya Sampoorna’, has tied together our earlier efforts. Kalike is not only ready to scale up but also carry forth this core developmental work in other geographic regions. Kalike’s interventions significantly impact critical stages of an individual’s life. They comprise:

With the victories we have had in Yadgir, we have now saturated the entire block of Yadgir.


Our goal for 2020 is to reach out to

  • 1,25,000 children
  • 2,000 youth
  • 8,000 farmers
  • 41,000 households


Our multi -thematic and integrated model works to bring about sustainable change, moving the community towards holistic human development.

With over a decade since our inception, our base of operations is steadily spreading across seven districts of Kalyana Karnataka region.

Now we want to change the world.