An in-depth strategy devised to increase both the yield and income of farmers in the community.

Ensuring sustainability through knowledge sharing

Yadgir is an agrarian society with 67% of the workforce employed by the agriculture sector.

We work closely with the community to create sustainability in livelihood by adopting and sharing best practices in agriculture to improve productivity and household incomes. In partnership with experts in the field and the Agriculture Department, we share knowledge on best practices, technology and judicious use of water.

Farmers are provided demonstrations on the cultivation of seasonal crops and suitable methods of water harvesting. We have also set up a farmers’ groups to provide regular training on reducing input costs while utilising the minimum water resources. We encourage technology promotion in the field, by providing access to the latest technology in farming. This works to enhance productivity as well as lower costs.

By strengthening the farmers’ skill base, ensuring increased access to finances and improving market linkages, we are tackling the challenges to agriculture as a livelihood in the region. The intervention includes activities to increase financial support for farmers, such as credit needs, encouraging them to explore markets to increase returns.

We work primarily through the Village Resource People (VRPs) to maintain sustainability in their livelihood.


Our progress.

Since we started our work,

2782 farmers

have improved their crop yield and income.