Stepping Ahead


June 4th, 2018

When Nagarekha’s center was identified for intervention she simply welcomed it! And, from thereon it did not take any long to discover her passion for teaching and enthusiasm to bring new and interesting things to the children. Every input that she received in the trainings was seen in practice with the children. Things started getting better from the good they were viz., preparation for activities, method of delivery, organization of classroom. Most children started to come to the center on their own.



An interesting thing about her is that , Nagarekha has carefully preserved the teaching tools like story cards and drawings  that she has created right from her initial trainings to till date and one can see them being used in the classroom.  She shared her excitement of having got appreciation from a team of UNICEF which had visited her center. Said she “they observed pre-school activity conducted and said ‘this is one of the best center we have visited in the state’. I am feeling very happy; it is because of the support and guidance Kalike has provided”. This appreciation and acknowledgement of her work has amplified her spirit to do more…..the superlative.