Nali Kali

An education programme focusing on the joyful learning methodology in primary school.

Learning from a base level

A severe lack of exposure to quality early childhood education and engaging children’s literature showed difficulties with reading, writing and engaging with printed material. The aim of the Nali Kali project is to ensure early literacy competencies in Kannada language learning, basic numeracy and environment science, to support children through primary and on to middle and high school.

Coordinators have been provided with capacity building and training modules that allow them to employ best practices that counter inadequacies in the teaching process.


Our progress.

As of today,

12,635 students

are attending our Nali Kali programme.

Stories from the villages.

The impact and transformation that we have created breathe through the community of Yadgir. We continue to learn from them and use their experiences to create a more personalised approach.

Positive Learning Environment Enablers

Vibrant learning environment facilitated by Sowmyashree, a remedial teacher in a Gurmitkal pre-metric girls’ hostel


Technology Enabled Education

Ms. Soubhagya – How her not so interesting hostel turned into a knowledge hub


English Vinglish
Proficiency in English

Yellappa was a shy student. He had difficulties in understanding and learning concepts. He was not confident about reading and writing english. Through Kalike’s Proficiency in English program, Yellapa today is confident about reading aloud in the class, his comprehension skills have shown marked improvement and he also actively participates in various class events. He has won several prizes for hand writing, reciting rhymes, etc.