English Vinglish


June 12th, 2018

Yellappa, a student from Grade 7 in GHPS Ashanal, Yadgir Block; was a very shy student. He belongs to a migrant family and his academic progress was very poor. Owing to migration, Yellappa was irregular to school and was not confident about  reading aloud in the class. His listening, reading, speaking and writing skills were poor which resulted in low level of comprehension of English language.

As part of ‘Proficiency in English’ intervention, our coordinator interacted on a one-on-one basis with Yellappa, his class teacher and his family and  understood about  his  difficulties in learning. The class teacher shared that he was unable to form words, frame sentences and read loud. He was also not actively participating in the school events. She also mentioned, ‘If he continues to perform low, he will not be able to secure any government job as desired by his parents’.

PIE intervention involves in creating space for students to be proficient in language. The workbooks provided to the children are filled with exercises related to reading, writing, speaking and listening for improving student comprehension skills. Eg: one of the exercises involves  stories illustrated through flash cards. Yellappa was provided with PIE workbooks which helped him in improving comprehension skills. During the story telling sessions, the class teacher encouraged him to illustrate the stories using PIE story flash cards in order to building his confidence. As part of monitoring, the class teacher and PIE coordinator reviewed his workbook and conducted pre-mid-end line assessments to  track his progress.   

Today there has been an marked improved change in Yellappa. He is confident in reading aloud in the class, has enhanced his comprehension skills and also actively participates in the class events. He has won several prizes for hand writing, reciting rhymes, etc. Seeing his remarkable change, his parents decided ‘not to let him migrate with them’ and to be regular to school.