Kanya Sampoorna

A holistic approach to ensure proper development of the girl child at every crucial life stage.

Giving every girl the opportunity to excel

Kanya Sampoorna encompasses a variety of interventions strategically placed throughout different life stages that allow the girl child to flourish. The interventions work in tandem with existing programmes, bringing a special focus to the unique needs and challenges faced by girls.

The programme includes interventions for girls throughout their life cycle - improving their care and nutrition during early development (0-3 years), strengthening preschool education at anganwadi centres (3-6 years) and educational interventions (6-9 years) at Nali Kali centres to provide support in understanding concepts and build a strong foundation.

As the girls grow older (10-16 years), we work with 8 girls hostels, 2 residential schools and 4 high schools to provide the girls with added academic guidance to improve their learning levels. This is carried out through library programmes, remedial classes, spoken English classes and tech-enabled education to make learning more engaging.

We have also introduced provisions for the development of necessary life skills through our Adolescent Programme. These classes propagate healthy hygiene habits during menstruation and other age-appropriate female-centric information. This programme runs through ages 10-18.

To address the issues of school dropouts in Yadgir, we have set up Non-Formal Education (NFE) centres in 20 selected villages. We identify girls who are out of the school system (drop-outs or illiterate) and provide basic numeracy and literacy skills. Educated dropouts are reintroduced into mainstream education by enrolling them in schools. In addition, we conduct a Pre-vocational training program for six months to help girls (16-18 years) make an informed decision about their future and livelihood. Under the program, we prepare the girls with basic literacy and vocational skills that provide them with opportunities for self-employment.

Scholarships are granted for girls from programme coverage areas who are forced to discontinue their studies after graduating Grade X/ matriculation. This merit-based scholorship will be provided for selected students to pursue their higher studies.


Our progress.

As of today,

6,306 girls

have been impacted by the programme.