A Foundation for the Future


June 5th, 2018

The Kalike Learning Improvement Programme (LIP) is focused on developing a strong foundation for students by emphasising reading and writing fluency in Kannada. Through remedial classes conducted by animators (para-teachers), students are encouraged to enjoy the learning experience through activities that are engaging and help to build independent understanding.


When Lakshmi Devi was in primary school, she faced daily struggles with learning at school. She barely understood the nuances of language, and when she couldn’t keep up with her class, she was beaten by her teacher. When she was selected to attend the LIP sessions, Lakshmi underwent a transformation. She enjoyed all the activities, from singing songs to using given words to make sentences. Now in Grade IX, Lakshmi says her LIP activities are helping her keep up her academic record. She credits her essay writing skills and ability to structure a story to her LIP classes and her animator who she says became more than a teacher – and was her friend and support.


Lakshmi became a model student after her year with the LIP initiative. She returned home each day, revised all her lessons, and began using the same techniques as her animator to teach her siblings and other children in the neighbourhood. She says she has grown more confident of her abilities and has become far more fluent in language.


“I’ll make sure she finishes school even if I have to take a loan to send her,” says Lakshmi’s father who says his daughter, with her education, will be the seeing eye of the family.


Lakshmi has already begun to use her education for good. She has helped several people in the community with writing and checking official land papers, and with filling out forms. Her uncle is a Panchayat member and when he has difficulties with any paperwork, he turns to his young niece for help!


Inspired by the animators who helped her change the direction of her life, Lakshmi wants to be a teacher when she grows up.