Skill Development – Programme

In Yadgir, agriculture is the primary occupation. Nonetheless, there is an undesirably high (60%) incidence of seasonal migration to the city. The migrants mainly comprise unskilled youth who are even unable to capitalise on the state’s institutional advantages such as reservations since they lack basic soft skills and clear goals. Tardy industrialisation and a total absence of opportunities are other factors that cause this problem. To combat this, Kalike has designed an intervention with an estimated outreach of 2000 youth that aims to grow the economy around Yadgir and ultimately reduce the incidence of migration.

Micro-enterprises and Entrepreneurship

The micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship approach aims to develop a value chain model to create an ecosystem of micro, small and medium enterprises. What it looks like on ground is a mentorship programme as part of which mentors directly interact with youth and women to increase their awareness about job opportunities, educate them on the skill gap and bring them one step closer to livelihood opportunities including entrepreneurship.

Vocational Skill Training Centre

The vocational skill training centre would provide need-based short-term training across multiple sectors to semi-skilled youth on two models. First, Pre-Vocational Centres (PVCs) to motivate children between 16 to 18 years of age, preparing them to enter the work force. Second, provide short-term, farm and non-farm based trainings.

Finishing Schools

The finishing skills approach is to help educated unemployed youth in a dual pronged manner; by providing finishing skills to boost aspirations and make informed career decisions; and creating a platform across the Hyderabad-Karnataka region for sharing employment opportunities.